3 questions to ask yourself before having casual sex

You made a right swipe. You were a match. You wish to have sexual relations with this individual. But what do you need to know right away? What vital insights can you extract from instant messaging?

We all want to be swept up in the romance or passion of a new relationship, but trusting your body to make decisions without consulting your head is usually a formula for catastrophe. While it may appear to be a brilliant idea to follow your passion after dating a sexy Houston escort and opt to get physical, certain truths may emerge in the light of day that make you regret ever having sex.

Because sex can mean various things to different people, it’s crucial to ask the correct questions before engaging in it, and it’s even more important to feel comfortable asking whatever questions you need to.

Question 1

Are you seeking for a casual hookup or are you aiming for something more long-term?

Save yourself sorrow by anticipating your partner’s relationship plans. “Many people make the mistake of doing first and talking later, but this is because sexual values vary widely. Some people regard sex as a basic physical act, while others regard it as a means of bonding personally and profoundly embedded. 

We frequently believe others feel the same way we do, which can lead to confusion, conflict, and damaged feelings. You don’t have to have a long, drawn-out talk to figure out how your partner feels, and you may start the conversation by expressing your wants.

Question 2

Are you going to have safe sex? One of your inquiries should be about STDs. Even if your partner claims to have been tested and is free of any sexually transmitted illnesses, test findings can change with the person’s next relationship.

Wearing a condom will provide you with STD protection in addition to birth control. We should not make rash decisions when our emotions are intense. In the excitement of the moment, partners frequently disregard this critical component that aids in the prevention of sexually transmitted illnesses. 

Question 3 

Here are a series of questions you can ask yourself that will aid in you finding out more about how the sexual encounter may affect your life. 

What impact will it have on you in the near future? Will you be satisfied you slept with the person if nothing more comes of it if you don’t wind up in a true relationship? If not, you should think about it. 

Will it make your life more difficult? You don’t want to mess around with a coworker and lose your job, or screw your bestie’s partner and break up. What makes you want to have sex? If you want to get even with an ex or feel sexy again, there are better methods to go about it.

Can you keep your emotions at bay? If you’re planning a one-night stand or establishing an FWB, ask yourself if you can manage it. Are you going to be sorry when it happens? Your hormones may be deceiving you into thinking you need to bang that person right now. However, try to think with your head rather than your desires. 

In Conclusion

Sex with no strings attached is not for all. You should ask yourself why am I performing this action? Are you on the verge of agreeing to casual sex because the majority of your peers and acquaintances openly brag about their varied sexual experiences? Are you drunk? Or do you truly believe that it is a natural need like any other? 

Be in touch with yourself, and before having casual sex, try to ask yourself these questions to avoid having regrets.